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Thinking Errors

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Just so you know, I have experience working with sex offenders. One of the first things that offenders work on when they come into treatment is thinking errors. Just to be clear, everyone has thinking errors. But when taken to the extreme, they lead to problematic behaviors. Today’s post will be focusing on some of the most common thinking errors that stop people from reaching their full potential:
  1.  Victim Stance – The person using this thinking error views himself as the victim in all situations and feels others should feel sorry for him. He feels he should not be held responsible for his actions because it’s the other person’s fault that he failed. Ex – It’s her fault that I got arrested. I didn’t hurt her that bad.
  2. Uniqueness – The person using this thinking error doesn’t believe the rules apply to him. He feels that he is special and therefore should be treating differently than everyone else. Ex – The person who fails to show for jury duty when summoned
  3. Slacking – The person using this thinking error does just enough to get by and nothing more. Ex –The kid who has the ability to make straight A’s, but brings home C’s and D’s. The person who quits his high paying job and takes a job below his skill set to decrease alimony and/or child support payments
  4. Lying – The person using this thinking error either makes entirely false statements, tells half-truths, or engages in actions that don’t match his words. He is usually doing this to escape responsibility or to protect his ego. Ex – The dad who says “I’m coming to your play tonight.” and doesn’t show up.
  5. Pride – The person using this thinking error has a highly idealistic assessment of oneself. He believes that he is superior to others and believes that he has gotten where he is without any help from others. Ex – The entrepreneur who tries to do it all on his own
  6. Perfectionism – The person using this thinking error believes everything and everyone must be perfect. He holds everyone to an impossible standard, yet does not apply this standard to himself. He avoids tasks because they may not turn out “perfectly.” Ex – The wanna be real estate investor who refuses to pull the trigger because all the stars aren’t perfectly aligned.
  7. I Can’t – The person who uses this thinking error really means “I won’t.” He has the ability to use his potential and perform tasks, but refuses. Ex – The person who claims he can’t find a job, but spends all day on the internet and watching TV.
  8. Deferment – The person who uses this thinking error puts everything off until tomorrow. He believes things will be easier in the future rather than living in the present.  Ex – “I’ll go back to school soon.”
  9. Entitlement – The person who uses this thinking error believe everything is owed to him and everyone serves at his pleasure. Rather than being responsible and earning his own way, he would rather take from others. Ex – The adult who is still living at home with mom and dad and expects his parents to pay all of his bills, while contributing nothing to the household.
  10. Rationalization – The person who uses this thinking error has a reason for everything. He refuses to acknowledge that he is in his situation or has experienced failures due to his own decision making. Ex – “I got fired because the boss didn’t like me.”
This is by no means all the thinking errors that hinder our progress. But if you are honest enough to admit that some of these apply to you, start making changes today.
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How to Find Your Spiritual Gifts

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I Corinthians 12:4-6
Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord. There are varieties of effects, but the same God who works all things in all persons. 

Every Christian has a spiritual gift according to the Bible to be used for the glory of God and the building of the Church. However, not everyone knows what his or gift may be.

To help with identifying your particular gift, a helpful tool may be a spiritual gifts inventory or test. The key is to be prayerful and answer honestly each question. Usually, you are asked to rate a task on a scale of 1-5. For example, you may be asked if you enjoy preaching. It’s ok if you give it a 1 if you really dislike it. Nobody is judging you. Preaching isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is called to be a preacher, teacher, or missionary. There are those who are called to be prayer warriors, discerners, and givers. All Christians are apart of the body of Christ and serve a special purpose. Once you find your purpose, fulfill your role with joy and know that God has called you for a reason. Here are some tests to get you started:

Spiritual Gifts Assessment – Free from UMC
Spiritual Gifts Test – Created by Elmer Towns
Gifted 2 Serve – Free
Mintools – Free
Spiritual Gifts – Free test for adults and youth

Image courtesy of smarnad at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Career Exploration Workshops

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If you are serious about starting a new career or considering the possibly that your current career isn’t for you, consider attending a Career Exploration Workshop. CEW’s can usually be found at your local community college or university and are typically reasonably priced or in some cases free. There are also therapists who specialize in career counseling. Below are a few links (not exhaustive by a long shot) to get you started.

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Gmail as Autoresponder

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Here is a video by Matt Wolfe on how to turn gmail into an autoresponder. Neat if you are on a budget and getting a lot of emails that need an immediate response. Caution, it’s a little dated, but it does work.

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Does Your Career Fit Your Personality?

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If you have been struggling in your career, consider the possibility that your chosen profession may not fit your personality. There are resources available online where you can identify your personality type and get suggestions on careers that fit you. Click here and here for a couple of sites. There are more out there that charge little to nothing to take.

Another helpful tool is using an interest inventory. The interest inventory doesn’t measure your ability to perform the tasks associated with a career, just how much interest you show in a type of career. For example, your particular inventory may show you have a high interest in artistic careers (dance, artist, actor, etc). It doesn’t mean you have a particular aptitude for it. However, you may be able to identify a career in the artistic realm, such as art critic.

Here’s a tip, take the personality test and the interest inventory. If there is an overlap in results, consider taking steps towards establishing a new career. Explore your options, do your research, and take action. Just remember that it takes time to establish a new career and it’s not likely to happen overnight. Put a plan in place and get going. Cheers to your new career path!

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