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No Excuses!

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Is there really any excuse not to succeed? It amazes me how one person can suffer a minor setback and it throws his whole life into a tailspin. I knew a guy who lost his job. He didn’t find another job right away and became deeply depressed. He started drinking and became an alcoholic. He ended up losing his wife, home, and eventually ended up in a group home. He never fully recovered. He sunk into self pity and despair.

Then you can have someone who suffers a life altering setback like Joni Eareckson Tada. At the age of 18, Joni became paralyzed after a diving accident. Imagine that, 18 and your whole life is ahead of you full of promise. Then you end up in a wheelchair, dependent on others for your basic needs. If you read her story, she admits that she wallowed in self pity for a couple of years. The difference with Joni is she had faith that God would work things out for her and she put her faith into action. She had art waiting to burst onto the canvas. But what do you do when you can’t use your hands or feet? She began painting using her mouth to hold the brush. She also started a Christian ministry for the disabled. She also became a best selling author. All while spending most of her time since the age of 18 in a wheelchair. 

So what does it take to make it after setbacks? It takes faith that God has a plan and He will work it out. It takes action to get off your butt and do the things you need to do to recover from the setback. It takes a mindset that believes you can succeed. It takes a determination to accept no excuses and move forward. Mrs. Tada didn’t accept being a being a quadriplegic as an excuse not to move forward. So stop accepting setbacks or circumstances as an excuse.

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Top 10 Things I Learned at StartUP Marathon 13

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I attended StartUP Marathon 13 this past weekend. I received so much great information that I needed to spend a day just processing all that I learned. And now here are some tidbits I’m going to share with you.

  1. You have to believe that you can accomplish your goals. No one can believe for you.
  2. Focus on your product or service. Outsource the tasks that distract from your focus.
  3. Get professional advice. 
  4. Know how much risk you are willing to take
  5. Have a backup plan. Then have a backup to your backup plan
  6. Identify ways to increase scaleability
  7. If you don’t have a passion for what you are doing, find something else to do
  8. Success will not happen overnight. It takes drive, ambition, and most of all work
  9. There will be times you will feel overwhelmed. Just breathe. It will pass
  10. Marketing brings in customers. Great quality keeps them coming back. 
If you want to learn more about the organization that put together this awesome event, click here .
Though geared towards women, men can use this content as well. If you are a budding entrepreneur and you need some help defining your vision, contact me @ 321-800-8520.
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The Genius of Youtube

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Youtube is awesome! It’s not just a place where you can find entertainment. It can also be used to learn new skills. And it’s free! Did you know many business schools upload videos of lectures from leaders in industry? Many entrepreneurs also upload videos of tips and tricks to help you grow your business and it increases their credibility as an expert.  Some videos are short, while others are over an hour long. So instead of watching a repeat tonight, watch a few Youtube videos geared towards your business. If on the off chance, there aren’t any geared towards what you’re doing, take the opportunity to create some videos of your own.

Here are a couple of gems I found on entrepreneurship here and here

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Achieving Greatness Is A Choice

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What are you doing today to get you where you want to be tomorrow? Are you watching the latest episode of that trashy reality show? Or are you working on your latest business plan? Are you going to the club? Or to the latest networking event? Are you staying up burning the midnight oil partying or taking actions to put your plans in motion?

Our choices determine where we are in life and usually how far we reach. This lesson was taught to me numerous times while working in nursing homes. By the way, nursing homes are the great equalizer. Some of my clients were from the upper echelons of society. Others, not so much. But I listened to their stories and it often struck me how for most of them, if they had just made a different choice here or there, they could have achieved greatness. It also struck me how easy it is to become discouraged and give up on the hopes and dreams of youth.

Ultimately, life comes down to choices. The choice to persevere, despite the adversity that comes with achieving greatness. The choice to do the right thing for yourself and others, even if doing the right thing comes at a great price. The choice to go it alone sometimes, until others start to believe in your dream as well.

So what choices are you making today so you can achieve greatness tomorrow?

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StartUP Marathon 13 – Countdown

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StartUP Marathon 13 is 3 days away. It’s 1 Day. 5 Experts. 4 Profit Focused, Action Oriented, Jam-Packed Power Sessions on April 20th. StartUP Marathon Hosted by Women CEO Project will be offered Live & Virtual. Attend from anywhere in the world. I will be in attendance at this awesome workshop.

Here’s the rundown:

4 Jam-Packed, Profit Focused, Interactive Power Sessions:

The Legal Side of Your Startup – Thais and Saeed Tellawi 
◦ How to BEST Structure Your Company to Save you Money & Cover You Azz eg. LLC, SCorp, CCorp
◦ What to do BEFORE You Land in Partnership Hell
◦ How to Protect Yourself Against Bad Contractors
◦ When and How to use Non-Disclosures & Non-Compete Agreements

The Money – Jamie Fountain
◦ How to Create a Bulletproof Budget so You Can Plan Long-term & Keep Your Biz Afloat
◦ How to Know if You’re Making or Losing Money and How to Stop It NOW!
◦ How to Recognize Your Worth & Charge Accordingly
◦ How to Generate Consistent Cash Flow for Your Biz

Action Focused Marketing Planning – Chris McCarty
◦ How to Leverage Social Media Platforms to Gain Visitors to your Store, Blog or Show up @ Your Events
◦ What to do with a Facebook Page After You Create it to Bring in Warm Leads & Sell Products
◦ How to Build a Successful Customer Flow Stream through Internet Marketing

Digital Leverage Creation – Kristi Jackson
◦ How to Connect with Key Players Using FREE Tools
◦ How to Present, Promote and Brand Yourself as an Expert in YOUR Industry
◦ How to create social proof Quickly and Uniquely using hot digital tools
◦ How to Set up Systems, Hire Help & Automate for Ultimate Leverage

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Sign up TODAY!!! – startupmarathon.eventbrite.com

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