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Procrastination Kills

Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Dreams, Plans, Procrastination, Work | 0 comments

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Procrastinate – To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. To postpone or delay needlessly. From the Latin procrastinare. Pro – forward, crastinus – of tomorrow. 

What are you putting off until tomorrow? Are you waiting until the right time to start your own business? Get married? Have children? What’s stopping you from pursuing your dreams now? You are. You are listening to that voice in your head that says, “You’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough.” Take control of the voice in your head. Start telling yourself you are good enough. You are smart enough. You are pretty enough. 

I used to work in nursing homes. I can’t tell you how many times I sat across from a patient who regrets waiting too long. They got trapped in the belief that there is always tomorrow. Some waited too long to settle down. Some waited too long to have children. Others never pursued their dreams because life got in the way. Newsflash…Life always gets in the way. You will always have that bill that needs to get paid. Kids need braces. The car breaks down. You lose your job. Things happen. Don’t let that be an excuse to keep procrastinating. Get off your butt and get to work. Start laying the groundwork today so you can get that promotion, or start your own business. Stop thinking you have to know everything to get started. We live in a world of Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. If you don’t know something, trust me someone has a blog or video about it. And you can probably reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter. 

Remember that you only have 6 months left in 2013. It’s time to stop procrastinating and take one step forward. And continue stepping until you reach your goal. 

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