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6 Months Left

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Dreams, Fears, Focus, Goals, Plans | 0 comments

It’s July 2013. Six months have passed since the beginning of the year. Chances are you started 2013 with good intentions. You had goals of losing weight, starting a new career, or spending more time with family. Then something happened. Life happened. You got distracted. You lost focus. Now it’s time to regroup, to get back in the game.

You say you had goals for this year, but did you have a plan? Goals without plans are dreams. Dreams are nice, but ethereal. A plan makes things concrete. You probably didn’t tell anyone about your goals. Or if you did, you didn’t have someone who was willing to hold you accountable when you were getting off track. Change that right now. Find a trusted friend, one who is honest and doesn’t mind calling you out when you get off track.

You have 6 months left in 2013. Six months to come up with a plan and execute accordingly. Six months to face your fears. Six months to take that leap of faith. Six months to make the changes you need to make. Six months to make it count. Let’s go!

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