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Who’s in Your Head?

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Coaching | 2 comments

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ID-10086269You’re not good enough.

You’ll never find someone.

You’re worthless.

You’re not smart enough.

Those words have been ringing in your head for years haven’t they?

Who said those words to you?

Was it a parent? Teacher? Coach? Boyfriend or girlfriend?

More importantly, why are you still listening to them?

Why are you letting someone live rent free in your head?

And that’s exactly what they are doing. They are taking up valuable real estate in your psyche that could be used for other things. Instead of focusing on your goals, they are distracting you with falsehoods about your character and abilities. And you’re allowing it.  The people who said those things to you all those years ago have moved on. You’re not living rent free in their heads.

That is wrong on all levels. It’s time for some eviction notices. But it takes time to serve notice. You’ve let them get too comfortable. But it’s your head and you need to regain control. You have the power to control and reshape your thoughts. The next time the thought of “You’re not good enough” comes across your mind, tell yourself” I am good enough.” We believe what we tell ourselves. Stop listening to the people living rent free in your head and start listening to yourself. Eventually you will crowd them out. So you might as well start today.



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  1. Michael Kawula

    Great post and so true.

    Recently reread Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy

    Talks a lot about how we can change how we consciously talk to ourselves which in-turn controls our Subconscious which creates our realities. Super awesome book.

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