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TCCs Top 10 Links of the Week: Coaching

Posted by on Oct 19, 2013 in Coaching | 10 comments

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top10It’s that time again. I know how much you love your links of the week. And since I’m a coach, this week’s focus is coaching. There are tons of coaches out there, but only the best content makes the list. There are different niches in coaching so not all of the posts will be about life coaching. I want to showcase some of the different niches available and give you an opportunity to sample what’s out there. You never know. You might find your next coach on this list. If you do, let them know you found out about them here first. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have and ideas for Top 10 Links you would like to see in the future, drop them in comments below. Want updates delivered directly to your inbox? Subscribe on the right! In the meantime, on with the show!

  1. Is Your Dying Business Begging You To Go From Employee to an Entrepreneur Mindset? @Dawn_Abraham
  2. Value all your communications @AnnemarieCoach
  3. From Pain To Purpose Podcast Series @sherekadunston
  4. Co-Parenting With Your Mistress! @coachtiffany1
  5. Teach Your Customer Well … A Social Selling Lesson @GerryMoran
  6. 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Side Hustle @mindycrary
  7. 7 Tips to stop seeking approval @carthagebuckley
  8. Blending Social Proof Enhances Marketing Recipes @CogentCoach
  9. 4 Scripts to Stay In Control of Your Time @amberhurdle
  10. Don’t Go To Bed Angry! @CoachM2Inspire


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  1. Shereka Dunston

    Thank you so much for featuring my blog post on the list!

  2. Amber Hurdle

    Thanks for including me, Sharlotte! It’s an honor to be among these great coaches, including you!

  3. Annemarie Cross

    Hi Sharlotte, thank you for including me on the list! I really appreciate it!

    By the way – I’m creating an article at the moment and am reaching out to other people who want to share a tip. Would you like to share a tip? Here’s the question:

    “Knowing what you know now in your business, what would be one thing you would do differently, or sooner, if you were to start your business up again?”

    Looking forward to seeing what you share.

    Best, Annemarie

    • Sharlotte Jackson

      You’re very welcome. I am an avid listener and value your input. I sent you an email with my answer! I hope it helps


    I am so honored and grateful to you for including me in your “Top 10 Links of the Week”, Sharlotte! It means a lot to me. Thank you so much!


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    Wonderful Webpage, Maintain the great work. Thank you so

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