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TCCs Top 10 Links of the Week: Mental Health

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Hey folks! Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am! As many of you know I work in mental health as well as coaching. So today’s links focus on mental health issues. One of the most important issues in regarding this topic is the importance of self care. You need to take the time to relax and unwind from the stresses of the week. So why not do that now? I have 10 awesome articles for you to help engage your mind as you take a break from the grind. As always, feedback is appreciated. Have any stress relief tips you want to share? Leave them below in the comments session. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

  1. Too Saved and Highly Favored: The Black Taboo of Counseling @ConsultBrandy
  2. When Clients Leave Psychotherapy Prematurely @J_Ferraro_LCSW
  3. What is Enmeshment? @counseling4less
  4. Replacing Anxiety with Faith @PsychCentral
  5. 11 Acts of Self-Kindness Daily Practices for a Happier Life @DrJennifer
  6. Depression Tips by a Person who Suffers from Depression due to Bipolar Disorder @Bipolar_Bandit
  7. 9 Psychological Symptoms of Stress @carthagebuckley
  8. The Seven Habits of Highly Emotionally Healthy People @GuyWinch
  9. 3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help with Negative Emotions @ilyaz_rumified
  10. Cortitrol and Tools to Lower Cortisol / Stress Hormones @docmarion
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Mental Health Parity and What It Means for You

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ID-100173816Recently, the federal government announced new rules regarding how mental health benefits should be treated by insurance companies. (Full Disclosure: I currently work in managed care.) In a nutshell, the regulations confirm that mental health benefits can be no more restrictive than their medical coverage, also known as parity.

The move towards parity has been in the works since the passage of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act in 2008.  The new rules ensure that benefits and guidelines that govern medical coverage are similar to those that govern mental health. So if a visit to a doctor has a co-pay of $30, then a similar co-pay should apply to a visit to the psychotherapist. The new rules also address the treatment of addictions, and the ability to receive care out of state if necessary. The rules also ensures patients and providers are made aware of what are covered in the benefits and if coverage is denied, how to appeal the decision.

Now here’s what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that mental health benefits are unmanaged as in a patient can be seen on an ongoing basis because he has a diagnosis.  It doesn’t mean that every diagnosis is covered. It doesn’t mean that every form of treatment is covered. It does mean that managed care companies are basing reimbursement on using the same guidelines that are used on the medical side. Those guidelines include having measurable treatment goals and using interventions that are focused on the problem and intended to restore baseline functioning. The guidelines also stipulate that as the patient improves, a plan for tapering and eventual discharge also be established. The guidelines usually don’t support treatment for the purposes of supportive therapy.

With that being said, here are a few tips if you are using your benefits or accept insurance for mental health or substance abuse treatment

1. Prior to seeking treatment, call and verify your benefits and what is covered under the benefit. Check to see if you will need a prior authorization or notification to receive care.

2. If you are a mental health provider, always, always, always verify the patients benefits. Verify if the benefit excludes coverage for certain diagnoses (i.e. personality disorder as a primary diagnosis) or billing codes.

3. Many managed care companies have their guidelines published on their websites. If you have trouble finding them, call and ask for them. It’s always better to know what the guidelines are and how to apply them.

4. Again, if you disagree with the decision made by your insurance company, you have the right to appeal. But don’t wait too long, you have a certain amount of time to appeal the decision.

5. I’m going to say it again. Never, ever, ever, and I mean never assume anything when it comes to benefits. Verify everything.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

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I’m Starting Over and It’s OK

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ID-10079626A couple of weeks ago I decided to get a consultation on my hair. See, I have natural hair and I haven’t been on the creamy crack in years. The problem is I had severe breakage to the point that I could only wear my hair in a bun. Well it was time for a change. So I walked into Jody’s shop to see what could be done. And Jody was honest. She gave me several options and told me that she was not comfortable with trying certain hair styles due to breakage. I opted for the “Big Chop.” She gave me a chance to back out, but I knew that this was the best option. So I sucked it up, put my big girl panties on, and watched as my hair fell in clumps to the ground.

But there is a bigger lesson in all of this. Sometimes, you have to make drastic changes to experience growth. Whether you have to start over with your business or in relationships you have to have the courage to make the “Big Chop” in certain situations. Sometimes your business model isn’t working. Sometimes it’s just a bad relationship, no matter how are you try to fight through the difficulties. At some point to have to have the courage to say enough is enough.

I get it, change can be scary. But you don’t have to go through it alone. When I decided to make changes regarding my hair, I didn’t immediately get out a razor and shave away. I went and got a professional option first. The same can be said for business. If you suspect something isn’t working, or you aren’t quite sure how to change, seek help. Not sure what to do about a relationship, seek objective counsel. There is no shame in getting help. There is foolish in doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The point is sometimes you have to start over, and that’s OK.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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TCCs Top 10 Links of the Week: Social Media

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top10So now that you have had a fun-filled week of Halloween festivities, it’s time to get back to business. And in this week’s list, we focus on social media. There are tons of tools, tips, and techniques available to manage and maintain your social media. But I set out to find you the best articles around. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Now take the time to unwind from your sugar rush and relax with some awesome reading. As always, feedback is appreciated. If you know of any tips, tricks or tools you want to share, drop them in comments below.

  1. The #SMSS13 Monster List Of Social Media Tools & Services @RalfSkirr
  2. 14 Digital And Social Media Marketing Trends For 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC] @Sheamus
  3. Ways Social Media Has Changed How We Communicate @memktgservices
  4. How To Prospect With Twitter … A Social Selling Strategy @GerryMoran
  5. Wickedly Wise Hootsuite Updates @SiteMast
  6. You Don’t Need To Go Viral, You Need Perceived Virality @danielghebert
  7. What should go into your marketing videos so they convert? @cogentcoach
  8. How to Claim Your Google Plus Custom URL for People and Business @tracysestili
  9. Social Media Images: 5 Ways to Go Viral @HeidiCohen
  10. 10 reasons why Twitter is content marketing’s best friend @markwschaefer





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Twitter Tools to Make Your Life Easier – Part 2

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ID-10088195I know that I have been remiss in giving you part 2 of Twitter Tools to Make Your Life Easier. Side note: if you’re not on Twitter by now, you should be. I have made more targeted connections on Twitter than any other social media platform. But there are so many tools out there, that I have to make sure I bring you only the best. There won’t be a lot on today’s list because I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. So here are some awesome tools to help enhance your social media experience in the Twitterverse.

Tweet Button – Have you ever been on a really cool website that you just had to share with your followers. Well, Tweet Button is the tool for you. It’s an Chrome browser extension that gives you the ability to tweet a website to your followers. It also shortens the link for you automatically. You will have download the extension though.

TweetDeck – Owned by Twitter, it is similar to Hootsuite. But it is meant to only manage your Twitter accounts. Like Tweet Button, you can download the Chrome extension for use. You can also download to your desktop for Mac or PC. The downside is it’s not supported on mobile devices. But it’s still very useful

TweetChat – Love engaging in Tweet Chats? Then check out Tweet Chat. You don’t have to download anything, but you do have to give it permission to have access to your Twitter account. The site is very user friendly. Just type in the hashtag you want to follow and get going. When you send tweets, it adds the hashtag for you and you follow the chat in real time.

Now those are all the tools for now, but now here are a few tips. It’s perfectly ok to repeat your tweets. Twitter moves quickly, and if some of your followers miss your tweet the first time around, sending again increases visibility. But don’t be spammy. And try not to have your tweets sound like ads. People who are noticed on Twitter a usually sending 10-50 tweets a day. Don’t feel bad for using tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck. You aren’t the only one using them. And here’s one last tip. Many small businesses decrease their tweeting over the weekend. But people tend to spend more time on Twitter on the weekends than during the week. So be sure to have tweets ready to go on the weekends as well.

Well, that’s all for now. But be on the look out for part 3 coming soon.




Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net





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