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Deal With Your Crap

Posted by on Dec 5, 2013 in Change, Coaching, Psychotherapy | 0 comments

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ID-10044304As we near the end of another year, some things have come to my attention. There are a lot of people who are still dealing with issues from a very long time ago. It could be a past assault, an abuse situation, a broken heart, or somebody just plain did them wrong. But the new year is around the corner. With the new year comes a chance to start over. Starting over can be difficult and scary. But sometimes it’s necessary for growth. And that’s what we want in the new year, growth. 

Sadly, many will let this opportunity for growth pass them by. Why? Because they are still stuck on things that happened long ago and have never dealt with the issues that have been affecting them for years. They ruminate on it. They allow past hurts to ruin present relationships and opportunities. They’re growth is stifled because they are still licking old wounds. 

So here is my advice as the new year approaches. Deal with your crap. Seriously. If you are still stuck on things that happened when you were 5 and now you’re 35, that’s way too long. I’m not saying that people have not suffered serious traumatic events. But how long are you going to nurse those old wounds. How many relationships have you bailed on because you didn’t trust or thought you weren’t good enough? How many opportunities have you let slip through your fingers because you felt you weren’t worthy based on what someone said to you when you were 10. 

Now here’s a question to ask yourself: What do I gain by holding on to this pain? Really think about that. Is it a sense of security? Is it a belief that you won’t get hurt again? Is it that you gain attention by allowing others to feel sorry for you?  Think about it. Now here’s another question: Do I really want to change? You would be surprised how often the real answer is no. Being where you are is comfortable. It’s familiar. Change requires being uncomfortable and adjusting to the new. Change means venturing into the unknown. Change can also mean accepting the pain of past hurts, completing the grieving process, and choosing to no longer be held captive by them. But if you really want to change, what are you doing to seek it? And are you willing to get the help you need in order to change and grow? Don’t let next year be a repeat of this year.

If your issues are such that you need help in order to change, there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to start the process today, I’m available for consultations. Contact me at 321-800-8520 or at truechangelifecoach@gmail.com. I offer coaching and psychotherapy services. 


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