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No Grudges, No Gripes, Know Growth

Posted by on Jan 1, 2014 in Coaching | 0 comments

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ID-100224440Congratulations. If you are reading this you have successfully made it to 2014. Now what? Since you have survived 2013, you may be thinking you should take everything with you into the new year. Not true. There are some things best left in the past. The first thing that comes to mind is grudges. There is no reason to continue to nurse old wounds and wrongs from years past. The person who wronged you may never apologize. Sometimes the person who wronged you has passed away. There’s no point in holding on to grudges. They just weigh you down and you aren’t open to receiving new blessings.

Another thing to leave in the past is gripes. What are some things you have been complaining about? Of the things you are complaining about, which are ones you can change? Don’t like your hair color? See a stylist. Don’t like your job? Work to find a new one or create your own. Don’t like your height? Not much you can do about that. I would love to be a 5’10” supermodel. It’s not going to happen. And I’m OK with that. Learn to accept some truths about yourself. And the things you can actually change, change. I know change is difficulty. But here are your options. You can spend the next year griping about how the world has done you wrong or you can change the world around you. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

In the mean time, let’s make this year about growth. In gardening, you have to so certain things to encourage growth. You pull out the weeds that take the nutrients away from your plants. You trim off the dead branches. They are no longer useful. You add water and fertilizer for nourishment. You have to treat yourself the same way. Who or what are the weeds in your life? Are you still holding grudges? The grudges you’re holding are pulling nourishment form other areas of your life.  What are some dead relationships you are holding on to? It’s time to cut them off. They are no longer useful.

So as you progress in the new year, here are some things to consider:

  1. What are some things i can realistically change?
  2. What are the relationships I need to nourish?
  3. Where do I want my career or business to be by January 1 2015?
  4. What are the actions steps I need to take today to get to my goals?

If you need help establishing your goals for the coming year, I can help. I can be reached by phone at 321-800-8520 or by email at truechangelifecoach@gmail.com. Don’t end 2014 liked you did 2013. Start your change today!





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