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4 Awesome (Free) Quote Pic Sites

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in Behappy, Brainyquote, Branding, Marketing, Pinstamatic, Pro Writing Aid, Quote Pics, Quote Pixel, Quotes | 0 comments

Quote Pics. Those awesome, eye catching branding tools that are the hot thing in social media. You’ve seen them on Facebook, Pinterest,  and as Twitpics. Why are quote pics awesome? Because they’re attention grabbers. And they are more likely to be shared than a regular status update on Facebook. More shares equals more exposure. More exposure equals more leads. And lets face it, we all need leads to make sales to pay the bills. So. You’re probably wondering how you can make some of your own. Well have no fear. Here is a list of my favorite quote pic sites. These sites are easy to use and there’s no sign up required.

1. Pinstamatic – The options on this site are kinda limited. But you can see how the quote will look in real time just by clicking the thumbnails above the text box where you enter the quote. Just make sure your quote isn’t too long on this one. To save, just right click and save image as…

Sample pic:

2. Pro Writing Aid – More options than Pinstamatic. Just enter your quote and click the “Create Quote Images” button. If you don’t like what’s offered, just click the button to create more images. Don’t make the quotes too long on this one either. The one quibble I have with this site is that every time you press the button, the previous quote pics go away. To save, just right click and save image as…

Sample pic:

3. Quote Pixel – Even more options. I like this one a little bit better than Pro Writing Aid because when you click the “Create Quote Pictures” button, new pics are added without taking away the previous ones. So if you press the button ten times, just scroll down the page to see the pics from when you pressed the button the first time. But overall, a very user friendly site. Some may view this as a downside, but every pic from QuotePixel has their url at the bottom. But hey, its free. To save, just right click and save image as…

Sample pic:

4. Behappy – Want a little bit more control? Behappy is the place for you. Super user friendly, this site offers you the chance to pick the font and background. They even give you a chance to add symbols. When you’re down, just click the download button or just right click and save image as. Added bonus, you can make a Facebook cover as well
Sample pic:

Now if you’re wondering where I get all my quotes from, my favorite quote site of all time is Brainyquote. They have hundreds, probably thousands of quotes sorted by topic or author.

So here is another reason I like these sites more than the other ones out there. Notice how on all of these pics my website is listed? Not every quote pic site has that capability. Think of it as a away to make more marketing dollar stretch a little bit further, especially when your quote pic gets shared or retweeted. So, do you have a favorite site you like to use? Drop your comments below!!!

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