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Advent: The Servant King

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Advent: The Servant King

I love this time of year. There’s a buzz in the air and a sense of excitement as we get closer to Christmas and the coming new year. I love seeing the lights and decorations and the nativity scenes around town. I love to hear the Christmas music blaring on the radio. I love to hear the old standards such as O Holy Night and Go Tell It on the Mountain. But without a doubt on of my favorite songs is How Many Kings by Downhere. I love this song for many reasons. But the main reason I love the song is because it reminds me of the true reason we celebrate. We celebrate the fact that God came to dwell among us. He humbled himself to be among us. And he didn’t have to do it. Yet His love for us was so great, that he gave it all up for our benefit.

Phil 2-78

I think sometimes we don’t appreciate the humanity of Christ. During our lowest points we cry out and say “God, you just don’t understand.” But he does understand. He came to be a servant. He understands what it means to feel hunger and pain. He understands what it means to be humiliated. He understands what it means to be betrayed by a loved one. He understands what it means to be abandoned and alone. He understands what it means to have to swallow your pride and make sacrifices for the good of others. He understands what it means to be obedient. He understands that sometimes doing the right thing will cost you everything, even your life at times. He gets it.

Now that we know He gets it, what does that mean going forward? It means that just as Christ humbled himself, sometimes we need to show a spirit of humility with one another. Just as Christ can empathize with us, let’s show that same empathy. Just as Christ humbled Himself in service to others, let’s do likewise. Even though at any time during His journey here on earth, Jesus could have easily walked away, he stayed. Jesus knew what He came here to do and He did it. In the same way, we need to follow God’s purpose for our lives, no matter where it leads. And it will not always end with wine and roses. Sometimes it may end with a crown of thorns. Now that’s a happy thought.

Phil 2-911But let’s remember that Jesus’ story did not end at the Cross. It was only the beginning. Because Jesus was obedient til the end, His name has been exalted. We still speak of his Grace and Mercy today. So in closing, let’s remember that Jesus stepped down from heaven, and lived the life as a servant. In living the life of a servant, He showed what it truly means to be obedient. In that obedience, He made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Let us honor that sacrifice in how we  treat one another. If you happen to be reading this and you aren’t a Christian, the same grace that has been offered to me is available to you. There is nothing you can do to earn it. Jesus has paid your debt. All you have to do is accept the gift. Please accept it today.

***This post is apart of a series called Voices in the Desert. Click below to read more advent posts from a community of bloggers.***

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