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MHPChat Recap – Minorities & Mental Health

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MHPChat Recap – Minorities & Mental Health
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MHPChat – CSOT 2014 Recap Day 3

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MHPChat – CSOT 2014 Recap Day 3
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Mental Health Tweet Chat 2014 – Updated

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Mental-Health-Tweetchat2 Update: It has been requested that the hashtag for the upcoming tweetchat be changed as #mhchat is already in use by another organization. Therefore the new hashtag is #mhpchat


Recently I asked mental health providers to fill out a survey to gauge interest in having a tweet chat to discuss issues in the community. The response has been overwhelming. But first things first. I want to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Your responses have been very valuable in finding the pulse of the community. And now it’s time for the results:

Q1: How often would you be able to participate in a tweetchat?

While many of you responded that you were fine with monthly chats, weekly chats was just a little more popular.

Q2: What are the best days for you to participate in the chat?

According to the results, Sundays @ 3pm edged out Mondays @ 8pm and Fridays @ 7pm

Q3: Which Hashtag do you like?

Out of all the options available, #mhchat was hands down the most popular. None of the other options came close.

Q4: What topics would you like to see discussed during the chats?

Oddly enough, there was a four way tie for most popular topics. The front runners were: Best Practices, Handling Burnout, Social Media, and Therapeutic Techniques. Though some of you also requested Stress Management and Working with High Conflict Clients.

So we are going to ease into the new year. The first chat will be held on January 19, 2014. The topic of discussion will be Handling Burnout. If you’ve never participated in a tweet chat before, here are some tips.

  1. Instead of following the hashtag on Twitter, use Tweet Chat instead. It’s a super easy app to use and makes following the chat a lot easier.
  2. Introduce yourself when you join the chat. We like to know you’re there.
  3. The chat will last about an hour. There will be four or five questions asked to facilitate discussion. When answering a question, use the hashtag. That way it shows in the chat.
  4. If you see an answer you like, retweet it. It will be much appreciated.
  5. Don’t be shy during the chat. If you have something to offer, tweet it.

Again, I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the survey. See on on January 19 @ 3Pm!


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TCCs Top 10 Links of the Week: Social Media

Posted by on Nov 2, 2013 in Social Media, Twitter | 2 comments

top10So now that you have had a fun-filled week of Halloween festivities, it’s time to get back to business. And in this week’s list, we focus on social media. There are tons of tools, tips, and techniques available to manage and maintain your social media. But I set out to find you the best articles around. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Now take the time to unwind from your sugar rush and relax with some awesome reading. As always, feedback is appreciated. If you know of any tips, tricks or tools you want to share, drop them in comments below.

  1. The #SMSS13 Monster List Of Social Media Tools & Services @RalfSkirr
  2. 14 Digital And Social Media Marketing Trends For 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC] @Sheamus
  3. Ways Social Media Has Changed How We Communicate @memktgservices
  4. How To Prospect With Twitter … A Social Selling Strategy @GerryMoran
  5. Wickedly Wise Hootsuite Updates @SiteMast
  6. You Don’t Need To Go Viral, You Need Perceived Virality @danielghebert
  7. What should go into your marketing videos so they convert? @cogentcoach
  8. How to Claim Your Google Plus Custom URL for People and Business @tracysestili
  9. Social Media Images: 5 Ways to Go Viral @HeidiCohen
  10. 10 reasons why Twitter is content marketing’s best friend @markwschaefer





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TCC’s Top 10 Links of the Week

Posted by on Sep 27, 2013 in Blog, Creativity, Purpose, Small Business, Twitter | 0 comments

It’s been a long hard week folks. I have been making some changes to the blog. But I couldn’t leave you hanging for your weekly dose of link love. In the coming weeks the links will be a little more organized based on content (i.e. coaching, business tips, social media). I am always looking for ways to make things easier for you. Which is why I started the Top 10 Links of the Week. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. So sit back, relax, and happy reading!!!

  1. How To Get Into Events for FREE @womengamechange
  2. 4 Ways to Grow Your Blog Today @clumsycrafter
  3. 8 Best Website Resources to Grow Your Small Business @smallbizlady
  4. How to Find Your Life Purpose: 25 Discovery Questions @prolificliving
  5. 52 Ways to Market Yourself & Your Business by Creating @womenceo
  6. How to Find Joy in the Daily Grind @NadiaGoodman
  7. 60 Simple Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers @Wishpond
  8. Branding Versus Monetizing A Blog @Soulati
  9. 7 Productivity-Boosting Tools to Fight Procrastination @sarahang5
  10. 26 Creative Ideas – How to Be Creative When Creativity Is Blocked @Brainzooming
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TCC’s Top 10 Links of the Week

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It’s Friday, and I will be attending the Blog Elevated this weekend. But don’t worry. I still have your favorite weekend treat ready to go. So for those you unable to attend the conference, I will be sure to share what I learn. And there is a lot to learn. In the mean time, allow me to share the goodies I found this week. I know you’re ready for some good reading, and I aim to please. As always, if you think something should be added or deleted, let me know. Feedback is always appreciated. So without further ado, here are your Top 10 Links of the Week!!!

  1. Find Your Why to Improve Performance – @leadyourteam
  2. The People in your life – @ConsultBrandy
  3. The Perceived Definition Of Success For Women Professionals – @NicoleLeMaire
  4. Infographic: Twitter Tweet Cheat Sheet To Increase Engagement – @heyo
  5. Content Curation Guide for SEO – @tech_magnate 
  6. 62 tips for your social media marketing toolbox  – @FirebrandTalent
  7. Time projection imagery – @carthagebuckley
  8. 6 Effective Ways to Build Relationships and Expand Your Network – @DanielSharkov
  9. 75 Twitter Rules for Businesses – @jennherman31
  10. 55 Fresh Examples Of Creative Single Page Website Designs – @instantShift
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