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William Glasser

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Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in Attitudes, Behavior, Change, William Glasser | 0 comments

If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior.
William Glasser

How are you perceived? Are you a go getter? Are you a slacker? Are you a self starter? Are you the leader? Are you a good worker bee? Are you excellent? Are you average? When you meet someone for the first time, do you come across as engaging or off-putting? Once you are perceived a certain way, it can be difficult to change that perception. But it can be changed. 

The way to change the way you are seen be others is to change your behavior. Here’s an example. I had a friend who worked in the IT industry. She was very smart, but very quiet. She had also been passed over several times for promotions. One day one of the team leads pulled her to the side and explained some things to her. The lead explained that she was getting passed over because the perception was that she was happy where she was. She was viewed as a hard worker, but not very aggressive in furthering her career. That was a life altering conversation for her. Soon after, she went to her manager and expressed her concerns. She began to speak up more in team meetings. Soon she was moving further up in the company. But notice that her behavior had to change before everything else started happening. SHE had to be the one to change before those around her changed how they saw her. So what are you doing to change the attitudes around you? 

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